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Phil was a great teacher, really made me feel comfortable and at ease. Would Definitely recommend to those looking for an instructor. Thanks Phil!

- Candice Gallab

I had never driven before starting lessons with Phil but with his brilliant instruction and a lot of hard work I passed first time with no faults! Doing lessons with Phil really helped me build confidence and ability, as well as just having a great time throughout. I’d definitely recommend PYT to anyone looking to start driving, thanks for everything!

- Abi Assis

Thanks to Phil I passed my driving test first time with only 4 minors.I started from scratch, I had never been behind the wheel before, but thanks to Phil's patience and dedication we managed to get it done in just a few months! I can highly recommend him for his great teaching and his ability to always put you at ease as well as his flexibility and availability when booking lessons.

- Eleonora Celiento

Phil is a great teacher. Really can’t recommend him enough!! Give him a call if you’re looking for lessons.

- Dominic Morrant

I was very happy with the support I got from Phil in the early stages of me learning to drive, which led to me feeling more and more confident on the road much sooner than I had expected. I credit this to his friendly attitude and solid advice, which I think was key to helping me learn to drive safely; I would definitely recommend!

- Samuel Phelps

Phil's an amazing instructor, I switched instructors early on, and was so happy with the way Phil teaches, he really put me at ease and I found we could have a chat and a laugh whilst learning to drive. Would 100% recommend!

- Fiona Sinclair-Kirk

Phil made the learning process enjoyable and his attention to detail is second to none. As someone who put off learning to drive for many years, I couldn't have done it without someone like Phil teaching me. He worked hard to find time slots that fit around my responsibilities at work and he was very patient in the early days of me learning to drive. For me, it was more than just his teaching skills, it was how approachable and genuine he is too which really put me at ease.
Thank you Phil, all the best moving forward.

- Adam Higgins

I just passed my test and all I can say is a big thanks to Phil for all his teaching and support along the way. He’s always been helpful when it comes to fitting in lessons around what I’m doing with school and work, and the way he teaches left me really looking forward to the next lesson. Thanks again Phil!

- Jacob Gagg

Would like to say a huge thank you to PYT driving school, Phil is an amazing instructor who is patient and reassuring. would recommend to anyone looking to drive, thanks again Phil!

- Sydney Prentice

I had my first ever driving lesson with Phil on my 17th birthday, 3 months later I passed first time! Phil has been such an amazing and reassuring instructor helping me become so much more confident. I strongly recommend him and I will definitely be booking in for my pass plus soon! Thankyou so much :)

- Ellena Haydon

Excellent teaching skills, I was going from having a full motorcycle licence to driving a car for the first time, Phil really helped me with my spacial awareness and differences between riding a motorcycle and driving a car I was unaware off... Great guy, really patient and easy to talk to, thanks again Phil.

- Darren Hartley

Phil was my third driving instructor as I struggled to find someone understanding of my anxiety. Phil was awesome, so calm, understanding, motivational and kind, constantly cheering me on and I genuinely enjoyed spending time with him & chatting to him. I wish he had been my first instructor. I'd really recommend him to anyone who asked!

- Maddie Crawford

Phil is an absolute legend driving instructor passed first time with only 2 minors. Always bang on time. Great ways to do manoeuvres. Not only prepared for driving test but for driving on the road on my own. Huge thanks to Phil
Highly recommend!

- Callum Sims

Hi ya, Its Yiu Man Wong who had the driving test today(15/8/19). I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Phil for his patience and efforts in teaching me to not just pass the driving test but become a thorough driver. It has been my pleasure to have such an instructive tutor who always guides you to be the best and strive for perfection. His skills are very useful and his advice will definitely benefit you for your future as a driver. Without him, I wouldn’t have passed my driving test in first attempt. I am very pleased with the results and I wish all his students every success in the driving tests. Cheers!!

- Yiu Man Wong

A big thank you to Phil for helping me pass my driving test! Phil is an amazing instructor and very easy to get along with. He is very patient, will build your confidence and won’t stop believing in you un till you get to your goal. I would highly recommend him.

- Sam Butcher

A big thank you to Phil. I passed my driving test the first time and it couldn't be without his support and patience. I was extremely nervous the last lessons and he helped me to calm down and believe in myself. I strongly recommend him as a driving instructor, you will learn and have a good time with him. Thanks Phil! You are the best!

- Dahyana Vierma

A big thank you to Phil for helping me pass my driving test first time with only one minor. Phil is an amazing instructor, I always looked forward to my driving lessons and felt confident after each session. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Michaela Haynes

At 22 I was a bit of a late comer to the driving game, but Phil took me on. After a few years of not driving I needed to essentially start from scratch. It took a while with a bit of frustration along the way, but Phil had the patience and gave me the confidence I needed, I passed my test the first time!

- Tom Bailey

Big thank you to Phil for helping me pass my test first time. Was a very good instructor and definitely helped me build my awareness and confidence on the road. Would recommend him to any new learners!

- Lucy Hacker

I’ve just passed my test! Phil is an amazing driving instructor and I’d recommend him to anyone, I wouldn’t of wanted another instructor. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance Phil!

- Sophie Le Masurier

Huge thank you to Phill who helped me to build my confidence so I could pass my test, would definitely recommend!

- Alicia Batchelor

So pleased with my outcome, he believed in me even when I didn’t think I would ever be able to drive, made me feel confident and happy whilst driving, thank you so much Phil!

- Claudia Baker

Passed my test first time after 20 hours of lessons with Phil. Fantastic teacher, very patient, calm and easy to talk to. Highly recommended.

- Matt Lane

I have recently completed driving lessons with Phil which i can not fault.
Phil was punctual and a great instructor as he always made time for lessons and taught me to the best of his ability. His teaching allowed me to pass first time - something i am thankful for! I would recommend PYT if you are looking for a great driving school.

- Shannon Honan

Thank you very much Phil for all your help. Amazing driving instructor and would recommend to anyone.

- Ashley Dove

Huge thanks to Phil for teaching me into the confident driver I have become from how nervous I was at the start with passing first time too with only 2 minors! I would recommend this driving school to anyone no matter how much experience you already have. He’s very patient and despite the rough start I had to begin with I still managed to pull through with the results I wanted. PYT is a 5 star driving company which honestly I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and journey I’ve had with them.

- Amy Neal

I’d like to leave PYT Bournemouth driving school an outstanding 5* rating , I would highly recommend them, Phil has been absolutely brilliant he teaches well and unbelievably reliable can't thank him enough.

- Laura Vuagniaux

Phil was my driving instructor for 3 months under PYT, and after passing my test just a few days ago (without any minor faults thanks to Phil’s excellent instruction and expertise) I now feel very confident when out on the road on my own. The School teach everything you could need to know for both your test and real-world driving, when staying alert and knowing how to handle tricky situations is incredibly important.

I’m very grateful to Phil for making the whole process go as smoothly as possible, and for how relatable and easy to talk to he was on our two hour lessons. I wasn’t just taught how to pass a test, but how to act and think like a truly safe driver. Thank you PYT!

- Taylor Eeles

Passed my test first time with the very patient Phil! He understood that I was a more anxious driver and took more time to build my confidence up enough to pass my test with only 4 minors. He made me feel relaxed behind the wheel which I very much appreciated. Driving didn’t come easy to me at the beginning but by the end it was almost second nature! Thanks again Phil for being a great instructor.

- Abbie Cunningham

I was previously with a different driving school but me and the instructor where not seeing eye to eye and I totally wanted to stop leaning to driving for good.

After 5 months of not driving Phil started teaching me to drive again as I now felt it was the right time to start, I’m so glad I did!

Phil is so calm, patient and understands that not everyone learns at the same speed. We where always constantly laughing and I felt like I could drive more confidently just after the first lesson.

I would never dread a driving lesson as I know that Phil would never put me in a position that I felt anxious. Phil helped me pass first time!!!
(I didn’t have to go into 5th gear! Yay!) His positively made me believe in myself. Thank you again Philip!

- Jazmine Loder

Phil Gaskin is an absolutely superb driving instructor. He is supportive, adaptable and knowledgeable. Phil helped me to pass my test first time and was very aware of my developmental areas whilst I was learning, always pushing me to improve. Phil not only taught me how to pass a driving test, he taught me how to drive and be confident in my own ability. I can't thank him more.

- Scott Haughty

Fantastic driving instructor! Manged to get a first-time pass after a few weeks of practice with Phil, He’s a very clear and calm instructor that helped steady my nerves before the driving test. He also consistently makes sure you are feeling relaxed and are enjoying each lesson as much as possible (which makes learning far less daunting).

If you’re a first-time learner or just want a top up before your test, I would highly recommend PYT Bournemouth. It is a friendly, professional and very effect School that will do its best to turn even the most anxious driver into a confident, skilled and eventually, QUALIFIED driver.

- Shaun O'Malley

I would happily recommend Phil to anyone learning to drive. He was so patient with me and helped to build my confidence behind the wheel, as I was often nervous and unsure, but he made sure I stayed calm in the lessons and the test. I passed first time with only 2 minors, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for helping me and for believing in me Phil!

- Sophie Pearce

I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to teach me to drive. I passed in 20 hours with Phil and he helped me so much. Would highly recommend him as an instructor. Had lots of fun learning! Thanks a lot Phil.

- Ethan Nation

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Phil for getting me through my driving test! I cannot recommend him enough, he had great patience and provided me with the support I needed over the past few months. Having no previous experience i was very nervous to start, but soon felt relaxed and calm throughout all my lessons as Phil was a laugh and a great teacher- couldn't of done it without him.

Thank you so much Phil!!

- Sophie Tipping

After failing 2 test in London before i was lucky to found Phil that with his calm temperament and incredible teaching skills helped me to get through the test with only 1 minor faults. If you want to get the best instructor look no further.

Cannot recommend them enough. Thanks again Phil.

- Ciro Vitiello

Couldn’t of asked for a better driving instructor, I was a bit of a nervous driver but Phil was very patient and built up my confidence behind the wheel. I couldn’t fault him. An amazing instructor I’d recommend to anyone. Sad to say goodbye! Thanks a lot Phil.

- Rosie Durnford

After 4 driving instructors and 7 years on and off learning to drive, I started my lessons again with Phil @PYT. Phil @PYT gave me the confidence and encouragement to pass my test!!! I passed first time with Phil @PYT. Phil @PYT is really easy to get along with and will push you to believe that you can pass and it is doable to do first time! Im really happy I went with Phil @PYT he gave me the confidence that other instructors didn't!. Thank you Phil see you on the road!

- Hannah Clarke

Thanks so much to Phil for being such a patient and supportive driving instructor! Having had no experience of driving, Phil created an easy atmosphere, giving clear and calm instructions which was really helpful. I passed my test first time thanks to Phil so would definitely recommend PYT.

- Tilly Tambini Cooper

A massive thank you to Phil for being a great driving instructor. He is a laugh to learn with and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel right from the start. Will definitely recommend PYT to anyone wanting to take lessons.
Thanks again Phil!

- Lauren Stones

A gigantic thank you to Phil who helped me pass my driving test first time! Before December I had never even sat behind a car wheel but as soon as I started my lessons with Phil I quickly and surely became a better driver. I'm so thankful for his patience and support during the past couple months. He's always been clear and calm and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I would definitely recommend PYT to anyone in need of a instructor. Many thanks to Phil!!!

- Shannon Wilkinson

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Phil for being such an amazing driving instructor really couldn't have asked for anyone better. He made everything so simple and easy for me and he was so supportive. Phil gave me so much confidence and made me feel so relaxed on the lessons. Such a good friendly, patient driving instructor highly recommend. Thanks again!!!

- Alisha Sammon

Thank you very much Phil for being such a great instructor. I was very nervous with driving from the beginning but Phil has helped me build my confidence and supported me throughout the big journey which resulted in this achievement. He is a great person to drive with, most importantly he is very patience and does not hesitate to repeat the same things until you get it right.

I would highly recommend him as a really helpful, supportive and calm instructor who will get you through your test with 100% confidence.

- Karunya Jegatheepan

Thank you so much Phil for helping me achieve passing my test first time! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. I'm 31 and never taken the plunge into driving. When I finally decided to get my act together Phil was brilliant at keeping me calm, giving me a great understanding of the road and making me feel comfortable behind the wheel. Fantastic teacher and personality and I would recommend to anyone.

- Bruce Wildman

I would like to say a huge thank you to Phillip for being a great driving instructor with a sense of humour. He really helped me through my manoeuvres and my severe hate of roundabouts. He helped me stay calm throughout each one of our lessons and helped me pass my driving test first time. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.
all the best,

- Alice Blayden

I could not have asked for a better instructor! Phil made everything so simple. He is very supportive of your driving wether your a begginer and learning to start a car, or someone who has known how to drive for a long time. Amazing instructor!

- Michael Correia

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Phil at PYT for helping me pass my driving test. I came to Phil already having completed a number of hours with another instructor and was very low on confidence, however Phil quickly changed that. He made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel with his extreme amounts of patience and made me quickly enjoy and love driving. Phil was always on time for my lessons, always very supportive, always knew how to have a laugh, always encouraged me throughout my learning process and perfected my driving skills. I would 100% recommend PYT with Phil for anyone who is looking to pass their test and really enjoy the learning process of driving.

I’ll miss my lessons but I am so pleased to have my license finally! Many thanks again Phil and I wish you all the best!

- Bridget Kean

A massive thank you to Phil for helping me pass my driving test first time with a clean sheet! He was an amazing instructor who made me feel completely relaxed and confident behind the wheel. He created my love for driving and I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks again Phil for all your help.

- Jasmine Cunningham

I am very happy to have passed my test first time with only 27 hours of tuition from PYT. Starting from never driving a car before my first lesson to passing my test was made possible by Phil. Thank you!
Many thanks,

- Felix Speller

I have passed my practical test for the first time today with Phill i would recommend phil to anyone he is a good, friendly patient instructor.

- Steph O'Dell

Phil is a great driving instructor who I believe is capable of getting anyone eager to learn to pass their driving test. Phil took me from someone who had never driven before and couldn't stop stalling, to passing my test in a 10 month period. Thanks again Phil :)

- Harry Anstey

A huge thank you to phil for helping me pass my driving test. He always made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and explained everything clearly. He was patient and understanding. He gave me the confidence it took to pass, and always had time for a laugh. He was my second instructor and definately the best, I would highly recommend him!
Thank you phil!

- Sophie Purnell

A huge thank you to Phil at PYT for ensuring that I passed first time with few minors. Fantastic instructor to work with and always made the lessons fun and enjoyable and made me confident behind the wheel. Phil was always enthusiastic and encouraging when learning, and I would absolutely recommend using PYT for anyone looking to pass their test.

- Jake Hall

Many thanks to Phil who helped me pass my test first time! He’s a great instructor who built up my confidence and skills on the road and is also a great guy. Would recommend him to anyone who asks for a driving school. Patient when things go wrong, but will praise you and make sure you know when things go right. Many thanks again Phil!

- Aaron Levens

To anyone looking to start driving lessons, I would highly recommend Phil! I had a poor driving instructor before I changed to PYT. Phil is an excellent teacher who is good at explaining what you need to do but is not afraid to push you past your limits. I really enjoyed Phil’s company as we chatted about motorbikes and other stuff. I want to say a massive thank you to him for rebuilding up my confidence and helping me pass my test with only 2 minors!

- Matthew Denby

I have just passed my driving test first time and owe a huge thanks to Phil. I was a very nervous driver and after trying several different instructors and getting nowhere I lost a lot of confidence but then when I started my lessons with Phil I felt so much more confident behind the wheel.

He is patient, punctual, easy going and explains everything in a very easy to understand way. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. I would definitely recommend PYT to any one looking for a brilliant supportive instuctor.

- Chloe Hayward

I have just passed my driving test. My instructor Philip Gaskin was really friendly and helpful. I think he is a brilliant instructor. Knows how to have a laugh and get the job done. I learned many skills on the road with him, that I will use in the future. He explains everything so clearly and I never felt afraid to ask a question. There were certain manoeuvres I really struggled with, it helped having someone explain them very clearly, he gave great tips and more importantly he had the patience to continuously go over and over the same thing until I finally achieved the result wanted. He was really flexible with times that I could have lesion. Which was great help!
He made learning to drive fun! I couldn't ask for more. Highly recommend him!

- Liva Ošīte

I would like to say thank you to Phil for teaching me how to drive correctly and safely. He has helped me pass my driving test and instill confidence. I highly recommend taking your driving lessons with Phil as he is patient and experienced.

- Jamie Wilks

A huge thanks to Phil who finally got me through my driving! A very calm, down to Earth, patient teacher, who gives you clear instructions and makes you feel completely at ease during your lessons.
I had two instructors from other companies before Phil and he was without a doubt the best of the bunch.
If you want to pass your test and become a great driver, give Phil a call!

- Joe Gallagher

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Phil at PYT enabling me to pass my driving test. I passed first time with only two minors, this was a huge relief to me as I had been driving in the states on a Florida license for the past 20 years and picked up some bad habits along the way. Phil helped me kick those bad habits in minimal hours using his valuable experience and now I'm extremely excited looking for my new car. Thanks again - Emily.

- Emily Wilkes

A big thank you to Phil for teaching and guiding me through my driving lessons. I had a short amount of time to get them done before moving and Phil did a great job in helping me pass first time with 5 minors after only 25 hours of lessons! Thanks for all your help Phil and I wish you all the best! I would highly recommend Phil to everyone.

- Luke James Smith

Thank you Phil for your patience and support during my nervous times during my driving experience and getting me to my test.
I'm so pleased I passed but I'm going to miss my lessons.
Would definitely recommend.

- Aina Glovacka

Phil was a friendly, patient and supportive instructor. I started my driving lessons with a low confidence but Phil helped me to stay encouraged throughout.
Phil is a great teacher and I would certainly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive well and pass their test.
I enjoyed all my lessons and no time was wasted! Thanks to Phil for helping me pass first time!

- Leanne Pineda

What can I say about Phil? Aside from the fact that he's an extremely cool dude... what an instructor! From the moment we set off it was laughs and stories the whole time, he's able to make anyone relax, including myself, and that's saying something.
If you think Instructors aren't worth the money then you have never had a good one, like Phil.
Thank you so much, I could never have done it without you.

- Natasha Newbury

I just passed my driving test with Phil. I can only say that he is a great instructor, very patient and there is always something to talk about with him. I didn't matter if it was an one hour or two hours lesson, Phil is going to make sure you take the most of it. I'm lucky to have chosen him as my instructor.

- Hernan del Pozo

I have just passed my driving test today. I could speak about Phil for hours.. He has been Amazing from day one.

He is very patient and kind, he really wants to make his pupils fall in love with driving. I always felt very comfortable and he gave me a lot of self confidence!! If you are looking to find the BEST driving instructor in Bournemouth, I'm pleased to say, PHIL is the BEST!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for everything!!

- Gaia Musotti

Phil was patient, punctual and positive throughout my lessons. He is easy to get along with and made learning to drive fun. It became clear very quickly that Phil has more than enough knowledge to get anyone through their test. Thanks Phil!

- Emily Barnell

Just passed my driving test with Phil. He has been an amazing support throughout my learning, very patient and made me feel totally comfortable at all times. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn, he's the best :)

- Leigh Callaghan

Phil is a great driving instructor. He is a very friendly, relaxed and supportive driving instructor. I was very nervous when I began learning to drive but Phil made me feel calm and reassured me that I could do it and there was nothing to be nervous about. He always pointed out what I was doing well or what I had improved on which really boosted my confidence whilst learning to drive. He was always on time to lessons, he never let me down and I was able to fit my lessons around my other commitments.

I would highly recommend Phil to anyone wanting to learn to drive, he made it an enjoyable experience. Without him I would not have been able to pass first time and with no minors. Thank you so much Phil.

- Hannah O'Sullivan

When I arrived in Bournemouth I was very quick to search for driving instructors within the area and after messaging Phil he was very prompt in getting back to me. As a man that comes from a family of non-drivers, the majority of all the skills required to be a competent driver had to be built into me gradually.

Phil is a very patient person and can clearly adapt his teaching style to suit the needs of the driver. I began working for a different company in October 2015 to which my hours changed quite significantly. I can imagine that some individuals would have had to of stopped all tuition due to it not fitting the instructors schedule. I was very impressed when Phil asked me if I would be willing to have my lessons at 6.30am so that we could continue.

This clearly reflects his attitude towards his students goals and aspirations to drive. He did whatever it took to get me through, as did I. I would highly reccommend Phil to anyone looking to pass in a chilled and friendly environment. Thanks again Phil!

- Jordan Braide

Phil was an excellent instructor, and with his guidance passed my test first time with only 2 minors. Phil was very patient, punctual with lesson start times and also extremely flexible which enabled me to learn around my professional career.

Phil is a great guy and felt more like a friend than a driving instructor!

Kindest regards,

- Ethan Brighton

I had the pleasure of learning how to drive with Phil after moving to Bournemouth. He was a great instructor and especially helpful when it came to scheduling lessons around my busy work life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Phil to any new drivers looking for a friendly and experienced instructor.

Not only will Phil develop and improve your driving skills, but he will make it an enjoyable experience with constructive feedback throughout the process, allowing you to concentrate your efforts in those key areas which will help you get that all important Pass Certificate!

Thanks Phil.

- Shreel Patel

I cannot recommend Phil from PYT any higher after passing my second driving test with a clean sheet after only 24 hours of instruction! Phil is both punctual and professional whilst being able to have a laugh and chat. I knew from the second I got in his car for my first lesson that I had made the right choice and would recommend Phil to all Friends, Family and Stranger alike.

It’s been both a pleasure and honour to be taught by someone so down to earth, Thank you Phil!

- Michael Coleman

Phil is a great driving instructor, friendly and very patient. He teaches in a very easy to drive car and managed to help me pass my test first time getting only two minor driving faults with 20 hours of driving experience. Would definitely recommend Phil to anyone wanting their driving licence, very happy with the experience.

- Jack Osbourne

When I first started driving i was very nervous and found it difficult and when I went to Phil (PYT) he made me feel at ease and relaxed! Phil is very persistent, positive and he improved my confidence massively. Every week I enjoyed my driving lessons.. I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor! I'm now looking forward to doing my pass plus.

- Sophie Dunn

I'm so pleased to have had tuition from such a supportive and well experienced instructor. Phil puts emphasis on confidence building to ensure you develop driving skills for life, not just to pass your test. The lessons are relaxed and professional; every minute is used to enhance your driving skills.

Thank you so much for your constructive and friendly approach, the time spent has been invaluable.

- Wendy Myers

I had my initial assement lesson. Phil came up with a lesson plan immediately working on what I needed to do to on my general driving and pass with in a short space of time. . Phil is great with advice and pointing out those important details which helped me to pass first time . I thoroughly enjoyed each of my lessons with Phil and all the way through felt comfortable and enjoyed driving I couldn't have asked for more in terms of instructions and advice for the road.

- Hakeem Adedeji

Would like to say thanks to Phil for helping me pass my driving test. Phil showed me some great techniques to help me pass. I would definitely recommend Phil and already have. Very happy with the the service and I'm glad I found him to teach me .

- Russell Winmill

Phil Gaskin is polite, professional and very supportive. I passed first time and had all the support and advice I needed. I would recommend him to anybody who needed to learn to drive. He was always prompt and on time and he never let me down.

He will help you with any problems you may face when learning to drive and will definitely boost your confidence whilst driving. He has become a friend as well as my instructor.

- Abbey Bratby

Learning to drive with PYT has been a great experience, with calm and clear instructions and flexible scheduling I passed on my first attempt after only 22 hours of instruction.

- Jake Whitehouse

Passing my driving test with only one minor was such a euphoric feeling and there is no way I would have been able to do it without Phil Gaskin! PYT Driving School is fantastic for those with or without experience; Phil's 28 years of experience are evident to a slightly nervous learner, he never fails to keep you calm and focused giving you the confidence you need to drive safely and independently. Not only does Phil teach you how to pass your test, he teaches you the skills you need for a life on the roads;

I have the upmost respect for him as an instructor and it's been a pleasure learning to drive. Would highly recommend PYT driving school to anyone wanting to learn.

- Anna Barnes

How can I recommend Phil Gaskin from PYT Bournemouth more highly!?...I called him at a late stage after things with my previous instructor didn't work out. I had already booked my test at this point and so we were against the clock! Phil made me feel 100% more confident, I felt so comfortable learning with him. He took me through everything with patience and made practicing the manoeuvres so simple! (Where my previous instructor had not!) Its strange to think that you can jump in a car with a total stranger and feel so at ease straight away but Phil honestly provides a calming environment to learn in throughout the experience.

I'm so excited that I've just passed my test first time, even better with a clean sheet!! :) woo!
It seemed like a hassle to look for a new instructor at the time, but I'm soo glad I did and that I found Phil! Thank you so much for getting me through it so successfully!!

- Aimee Graham

I was ecstatic when passing my test first time, with around 35 hours of practise under my belt in the Vauxhall Corsa.
Phil has nearly 3 decades of experience teaching all types of aspiring drivers, which prominently showed when meeting him. His down to earth demeanour and positive attitude helped me gain the confidence on the road and not make the same mistakes twice, which really helped in the long run. But above all, he never failed to make me laugh each and every lesson with his great sense of humour. I recommend PYT Bournemouth to anyone wanting to learn to drive safely in a fun environment.

- Joel Pedrini

Choosing the right instructor is a really important part of your driving experience and I’m so glad I chose Phil Gaskin (PYT Bournemouth) to be my instructor. It might sound a cliché but Phil is one of the good guys. Not only is he patient and friendly, he takes you out of your comfort zone without you even realising it. Phil is very good at building your confidence and helping you develop into an assured driver.

Phil’s friendly demeanour makes it really easy to learn. Phil never gives up on you and that really pushed me to keep going and to pass my test. If you're looking for an instructor who will put you at ease you and build your confidence behind the wheel then Phil is your man. I was thrilled to have passed first time and I would recommend Phil to anyone interested in learning how to drive!

- Ryan Walker

Finding the right instructor is quite tricky, until I found PYT Bournemouth (Phil Gaskin). I passed my practical test first time thanks to Phil; he is very experienced in his job, easy going, funny and very patient guy. When I first started driving I had no confidence on the road and Phil managed to give me confidence by teaching me in an easy and friendly manner. I would highly recommend using PYT Bournemouth(Phil Gaskin).

- Danica Saguirre
I learnt to drive with Philip Gaskin PYT Driving School - Phil is a very nice person and very easy to get on with he is very flexible and reliable since I've passed my test lots of my friends and family are learning to drive with phil I would highly recommend him!

- Liz Hayden
Phil was a great instructor, he was very patient and supportive throughout the whole process. I was thrilled to have passed first time and I would recommend Phil to anyone interested in learning how to drive!

- Grace Turner
I contacted PYT Bournemouth after failing to pass my driving test twice with another company, with Phil I was taught vital skills that allowed me to gain confidence on the road and advance my practical driving knowledge. I was able to pass the practical test first time with PYT Bournemouth, and I am now driving independently.
I would definitely recommend PYT Bournemouth as they are friendly, professional and experienced.

- Joel Trew
I started my driving lessons with Phil Gaskin in November 2013 and passed my test within 12 months. Before this I had never had any experience of driving and I was very nervous and slow learner, Phil was a patient teacher who was always positive which helped my confidence improve considerably.
I decided to use Phil as a driving instructor as a friend recommended him and I would do the same as he is an approachable and entertaining person who will make sure you will become a good driver.

- Katie Murphy
This was a very enjoyable driving practice! I feel so lucky that I chose Phil Gaskin ( Pass Your Test ) as my instructor. Phil is not only a good/experienced drive instructor: patient, kind, but also a good friend. We both worked very hard for it. I recorded all the key issues he mentioned to me and went through again and again. Thinking about them during my daily practice.

Without Phil's help I couldn't get my certificate in my first test time and it only takes me 20 hours! Thanks Phil Gaskin!

- Amy Bradley
I learnt to drive with Philip Gaskin PYT Driving School - Phil is not only one of the nicest guys i have met but is also a quality driving instructor. He is very easy to get along with and does everything he can to make your driving experience the best it can be. I would highly recommend using PYT Bournemouth.
- Luke Bascombe
I contacted PYTBournemouth (Phil Gaskin) after i felt like i wasnt going anywhere with my first instructor.Phil is a great instructor who i clicked with straight away,his techniques for teaching are very understandable and he is a very patient and easy going guy.Great driving experience with Phil and im pleased to say i passed first time with only 3 minors.I look forward to doing my pass plus with Phil.
- Jamie Borrett
Steph Mason passed with PYT Bournemouth.
- Steph Mason

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Liviv Nichitoi , Lucca messer , Grace Turner ,Rajan Kanaola ,Kate Murphy , Madison Manners ,Laura Jones , Kimberley Bateman , James Lea , Aneta Szymczak , Francesca Pugh , Thomas Morton , Philip Zecevic , Charlea Ann Rice , Katie Bunch , Douglas Nelson , Grace Priest , Sion Hughes , Darren John White , Louise Benamrouche , Edward Lawrence , Jennifer Hardy , Simon Faulkner , Gabriella yen pik Sang Compton , Tessa Nelson , Oghenerume Dafimu , Catherine Loftus , Nucol Lamaa , Georgina Hewitt , Holly Whittaker , Gazel Gunduz , Lauren Gurney , Zahary Hurdle , Sarah Webb , Beatrice Roy , Sarah Mihoubi, Jishua Rennie , Rachel Bagnall , Katie Moore , Charlie Clisby , Ruth Woodhams , Annie Sanderson , Alex Ferris , Maise Bughan , Wojciech Duda , Mohameo Hamid , Jessica Herron , Lundon , Parker , Nathan Ambrose , Ribert Withney , Anmed Mohamed Badawi , Stepanie Mason...
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